Post-Bed, Seam Sealing Machine with Differential Speed, Memory Function and 3D Electronic Nozzle Positioning System

A high-end seam-sealing machine. Equipped with unique digital 3D nozzle positioning system, controlled from the panel in all three axis thanks to three separate step motors. System enables to memorize exact position of the nozzle in each program, as well as set the distance between the nozzle and the roller, depending on the selected sealing speed. Machine’s memory allows to store up to 20 different programs with various parameters, which can be copied and transferred via USB device. Differential feed (different speed of upper and lower roller) allows to achieve perfect quality at curves and at difficult materials. Machine is available in eight different subclasses, each with a different shape and size of the post. Automatic tape cutting is provided as standard. Both rubber and metal rollers are available, each with desired width, as well as with or without the groove in the middle.
JEUX AI-002 can be used for light synthetic materials, heavier outwear and workwear, army equipment, tents and many other fabrics.

Technical specification

Power suply

AC 220V

Power consumption


Maximum speed


Maximum temperature


Available rollers’ width

10 – 31mm


1200 x 660 x 1800mm



Files to download

JEUX-AI-Series ( 876 KB )


AI-002 Manual ( 2 MB )


JEUX-AI-002-parts-list ( 1 MB )